With all the serious and perplexing issues going on this world today, I feel compelled to share a positive and constructive message to help you live your best life, physically, emotionally, and financially.   After all, our company’s slogan is “Investing in America’s Health”. Without going into too much detail on the scientific definition of the word “genome” and, for purposes of this article, your life genome can be described as an organisms’ complete set of genetic instructions.  Here are a few ideas to create your own set of life instructions:

Put Yourself First

To stay healthy and fit, your first instruction is to make “you” first. Schedule your week in advance and block out enough times to stay active, biking, hiking, walking, yoga!  Anything to keep moving.

Be a Digitally Engaged Patient

Your second instruction is to be a digitally engaged patient. 

There is a digital health revolution in progress across the globe.  

I recently starting using Welltory, both with my iPhone 12 and my Garmin Fenix watch to record my HRV (heart rate variable) and activities. Welltory uses an AI data approach to help you with your sleep, stress and even help you drink less alcohol. 

These daily instructions and feedback can provide a wealth of health information.

Tune Out the Noise

Here are ten reasons to ditch your social networking.  

Even some younger people are starting to feel the pressure. In March 2018, it was reported that more than a third of Generation Z from a survey of 1,000 individuals stated that they were quitting social media for good as 41 percent stated that social media platforms make them feel anxious, sad or depressed.  

What are my new instructions?  Since quitting Facebook last year, I now have time to visit my bike therapist for a few more hours a week. 

Surround Yourself With Successful People

Did you know that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most? According to Jim Rohn, this is true. 

As you start to gravitate towards positive and successful people, your life will in turn become more positive in all areas. While this instruction may be intimidating, you will be forced to step up your game. Plus, I find that successful people drink better wine!

Your life genome is yours and only yours to create, nurture and evolve over time.  Our human body is made up of millions of cells, each with their own set of instructions. It’s your recipe for life. If you apply this concept to important parts of your life, you can define your own set of instructions to a path for an enriched and fulfilled life.