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This is a sophisticated process, and it’s challenging to anticipate all the pitfalls. We can help. We fully specialize in the Health Care Real Estate industry. Interested in selling, developing, or purchasing your medical office building? Start below if you are a Private Seller or Physician Practice Group:

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We handle all the details and take the guess-work out when helping you sell, develop, or purchase a Medical Office Building.


Sell your medical office property.


Upgrade your practice to develop a larger space.


Why keep leasing when you/your physician group can own the building?

Start below if you are interested in selling, developing or purchasing your medical real estate property.

Our Tenants

We have long-term relationships with some of the best health care companies in the business. We seek to fill our buildings with high-quality health care professionals.


This Class A off campus medical office building was built in 2006. Tenant mix includes general pediatrics, orthodontistry, and behavioral health practices.


We get it – selling your medical office building can be confusing.

Health care real estate is a complicated process. We’ve had success acquiring and developing medical office buildings around the Western United States. Here’s a testimonial from one of our sellers:

Mr. Chip Southern worked with a physician group who had built the Stonegate Medical Office Building in Parker, CO 2006. They had owned the building for ten years, and then Mr. Southern received an unsolicited letter from Recentric that piqued his interest. He appreciated the personal tone and local expertise. He felt like it may be a good fit and right time to sell.

Recentric put together an offer which Mr. Southern shared with the partners. They agreed to the terms and were interested in moving forward with the opportunity. It was a fair offer and appealing to all parties involved. Recentric conducted an evaluation and inspection and led them through a smooth transition to close. The real estate deal was a mutual fit and win-win for everyone. The tenants were looked after and cared for, and the sale process did not create any interruptions for the patients or practice groups.

Mr. Southern would highly recommend working with Recentric. They are professional and are very familiar with the healthcare real estate industry, genuinely caring about the sellers, physician group, tenants, and patients. They look for a win-win in their real estate acquisitions.

How it Works

Schedule an initial phone call to get acquainted and discuss mutual goals

Meet in person at the medical office building

Sign NDA and share sensitive documents such as rent roll, income statements, etc.

Agree to a free evaluation of the property

Start below if you are interested in selling, developing or purchasing your medical real estate property.

We believe that every offer should be a fair-market value and be a seamless process to close.

Our sole focus is in Health Care Real Estate. We can provide an LOI within hours. Brokers are protected to ensure a smooth closing. Capital stack is ready to close. You can avoid the hassle of fees and showings so that you can focus on your practice or other investments.

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