sunset in cabo

It’s that time of the year where I spend a lot of time focusing much of my energy on establishing lofty goals for the New Year. It always amazes me that when you write goals down and look at them throughout the year, your subconscious finds a way to make them happen.

However, before this exercise starts, it’s imperative to do a comprehensive review of the prior year. Our family will sit down for several hours reviewing our calendars and photo streams of the previous year which provides tremendous gratitude in our hearts and souls.

Here are some tips to help you establish your goals for 2021:

1. Carve out 3-4 hours with no distractions to put all of your mental energy and creativity into the planning session.  You must commit to being in the zone for this to be effective.

2. Purchase this easel from Amazon, or if you are really technologically advanced, you can stream your iPad to a TV and write out your goals digitally. Either way, it’s important to allow everyone in the room to see what you are writing.

3. Divide each category into four areas:

  • To Do
  • To Be
  • To See
  • To Have

This is where the fun starts. You can get as creative and daring as you would like. But be specific with an attainable goal for 2021. “Make more passive income” is not a measurable goal. “Invest in two value-add alternative investments” is clearly measurable. One of my Recentric goals is to break ground on our new medical office development in Denver!

4. Once you have completed your exercise, review them each month and always hang them in your house somewhere visible. Thoughts become things.

Let us know how this process goes for you. We’d love to hear your goals. If we can help you with any investment goals for 2021 around alternative investments and medical real estate investments, don’t hesitate to reach out.