Got downturn? As the year 2017 steams ahead, commercial real estate is starting to show signs of weakness, and possibly beginning to exhaust this incredible eight-year bull market.  Per a recent WSJ Article on Feb 7th, 2017, overall deal volume decreased by $58.3 billion or 11% in 2016 compared to 2015.  Larger investment funds are selling assets to deploy capital in “higher returning investment opportunities.”   We don’t believe this is a re-run of the horror movie we all experienced in 2008.     Debt levels are not nearly as high this time around, and the economy is showing signs of strength.  With a pro-growth administration, commercial real estate will continue to enjoy rising net operating incomes, lower vacancies, and favorable debt terms for years to come. This is especially true in strong growth areas like Denver front range area. The good news about a downturn?  With each transitional period, more buying opportunities appear for long term buy and hold strategies.   “Companies that have a ten-plus year horizon in commercial real estate with long term debt and long term multi-tenant leases are less concerned about timing the markets.  They are more concerned with buying assets that fit their financial models, and investor appetite.” Managing Partner, Darren Nakos, CCIM – Recentric Realty Capital.