If you are one of Facebook’s 835,525,280 users world-wide, it is likely that the recent Facebook IPO or initial public offering did not affect your Facebook experience in the slightest.   You kept posting pictures, liking pages, and staying in touch with friends and family.  But for those who invested in Facebook’s IPO, the effects of their investment were not so positive, i.e. they invested in Facebook foolery.  The capital markets flat out rejected Facebook’s public offering leaving investors losing almost 40% on their investment within a few short months.

Facebook’s IPO was one of the most hotly and sought after IPOs in the world’s history.  With over 800 million subscribers, you would think with this many “eyeballs” (as they say in internet terms), Facebook would overcome any negative stock sentiment and not experience a resulting -39.08% decline since it first started trading on May 18th, 2012.  But, a couple of things went wrong:  1) Nasdaq failed their client by not executing the IPO properly, and 2) Morgan Stanley overpriced their client’s IPO.  The end result is that as of July 30, 2012, Facebook is trading at 36 times revenue, a stock rich for even the height of the dot.com bubble in 2001.

I find this rejection by the capital markets an interesting paradigm on how the stock market is completely out of the average investor’s control.  There is a saying that Wall Street is a river of money.  A few get to swim in it, a few more get to stand by the river side and splash water around, and the rest of the world can only see it from miles away.

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