Investor Stories

We work with accredited investors all over the country. They come from a variety of industry sectors and have a breadth of experience. They all have a desire to be responsible with their wealth and are open to alternative investments.

Here are a few anonymous stories from real investors and reviews of their experience in working with Recentric.

Consider joining our group of investors, as we are a network of individuals who continually seek to grow and who also have a great deal of fun together in dialogue, travel and adventures.

Rigorous and Transparent

Our clients represent a diverse group of new and seasoned investors, usually seeking to diversify their portfolio. One couple from Colorado decided to invest in medical real estate with us after working with Darren and Amy Nakos previously on other residential, commercial and legal real estate projects.
They grew to really trust Darren and Amy – their character, knowledge, and experience, and were genuinely interested when approached with the first opportunity to invest in a new medical real estate project with Recentric. They had not known much about this niche of health care real estate investments previously, and so they appreciated all the education and information we provide.
They were comfortable with the level of investment for their first property, feeling like it was just right for their financial goals, and they were pleased to gain equity value right away. They invested a second and third time, even doubling their investment amount, trusting that they will receive a great return over time. They appreciate our “rigor and transparency” around the financial information we share, and feel empowered to continue to invest in this new industry of commercial medical real estate. From their perspective, it is less risky than other real estate investment opportunities.
During COVID, we tried to be proactive in managing all our properties and tenant agreements. These investors said they were impressed at how quickly and professionally we stayed on top of everything and kept them informed.

Patient, Detailed, Prudent

One of our investors is a managing partner in a private equity firm and family office. He began his career as a hedge fund manager, then personally investing and launched his own private equity firm in 2008.

He is well-versed in underwriting investment opportunities, and so we greatly respect his perspective when he says that he is impressed with the high-level of professionalism exhibited in our quarterly investor updates and overall service from Recentric.

Among all of his investments, he only invests in two sets of real estate firms – Recentric is one of them. He looks to Darren as an advisor and really trusts Recentric’s careful selection of investment properties.

He says that Darren is “patient, detailed, and prudent,” which is what he is looking for in alternative investments to diversify his portfolio. He says, “There is never just one thing that’s the right thing to do.” Having a variety of investment opportunities in a financial portfolio is wise.

Health care real estate has proven to be more of a “safe sector” for him, especially this year as it has survived the variability of COVID, and he looks forward to future investment property opportunities with Recentric. 

Thorough in Due Diligence

One of our investors is the president of a Mortgage and Investment Company himself. (or Commercial Mortgage Bank). Initially, this investor was impressed with the resonance in values and due diligence that he and Darren shared. He and his wife have gone on to personally invest in multiple properties with Recentric now. He says that Darren has a high attention to detail and doesn’t leave anything left unturned. Darren does not rush through a purchase; he always shoots for a fair price and keenly understands the upside opportunities of a medical real estate property.

It is not always easy to find quality properties. This investor appreciates how Darren has a way of getting in front of the owners and buying a building before it is available to the rest of the world. He says, “Darren is unusual. He has a niche and really understands this asset class.”

From experience, he understands that commercial medical real estate is an asset. Physicians can’t work from home. Many people are wondering about the future of office real estate, but medical professionals have to be in their offices (orthopedics, OBGYN, internal medicine), and so this particular niche has great long-term value and reasonable stability as an investment.

Honest and Trustworthy

“Every deal has hair on it,” says one of our investors. He understands that each investment is complex, which is why he appreciates when Darren is straightforward in sharing the costs, benefits, and risks involved with each property. This young, savvy investor trusts Darren and his due diligence. He says, “Darren is honest and not blowing smoke. He explains the facts, is transparent and trustworthy.” 

This investor was a banker when he met Darren and helped Darren refinance a building in Frisco. He had received classic training and real estate and finance, and was enjoying a stable career in banking, when one day he took a huge risk, and quit banking to start a company with a friend. After three years of extreme hard work and business growth, he was able to sell it, allowing him to personally enter the investment world. Today, he consults a bit, manages a credit team for a small bank in Southern Colorado, and grows his investment portfolio.

“It’s hard to find income deals/yield anymore,” says our investor. There are inherent risks in other types of investments (land, capital assets, etc). Darren understands the strength of income and credit worthiness of these alternative investments.

He says, “Medical real estate is unique in that personal guarantees are inherent (and usually hard to find). Because of them, it decreases the risk profile of the investment. These properties have great, longer-term leases. For the square footage ($30-40K), for any other industry, you would need either 1 tenant with enough credit worthiness to reduce diversity/risk, or a group of stronger credit tenants.” Medical real estate ends up being one of the more conservative investment strategies, especially with Darren’s sponsorship.