darren and amy

Well, 2020 is coming to an end. Many are happy to see it go. I personally have learned a lot about myself and our business of health care real estate. Recentric has weathered this unexpected black swan event extremely well, and we are positioned for strong growth in the years to come. As we all gain perspective on getting through a pandemic of this magnitude, it is important to look at the positive side of 2020. In our continued quest for self-improvement, I wanted to share a few tips that add more positivity to my life, both personally and professionally.


Since our homes have become the epicenter of our lives with school, work and family time, cybercriminals have not let a tragedy go to waste. According to PurpleSec, a healthcare cybersecurity firm, cybercrime is up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect our online corporate and personal accounts, I utilize two tools which work in conjunction with each other:YubiKey-5-NFC

  1. LastPass Password Manager and Vault:  As the name indicates, you only need to remember one password, and this software generates complex and unbreakable passwords for all your secure websites. They automatically populate in your browser making it very easy to use.
  2. You might ask yourself, what if someone steals your one password?  I added a layer of security by using YubiKey, an encrypted physical key that attaches to your computer. This secondary authentication requires you to physically touch the Yubikey in order for Lastpass to be accessed. Apparently, the FBI could not access Edward Snowden’s Gmail account because it had secondary authentication with YubiKey!


With the holiday season just around the corner, we can all use some fitness advice to feel stronger and healthier. Personally, I have been stretching to help me reduce injury and feel better throughout the entire day. While the Mayo Clinic has provided a list of recommendations for stretching, I have been utilizing a personal stretching coach through a local Denver company called StretchLabs! I have never felt better throughout the day, and highly recommend this to everyone.



wineThis is by far my most fun recommendation for you if you enjoy wine.  I have been using WTSO (Wines Til Sold Out) for many years. They offer one selection of fine wine at a time. Once it sells out, it’s gone. My wine auction background has turned me into a bonified wine snob, and this website passes the test. Be careful though, it can be addictive. Enjoy!

From all of us at Recentric, we wish you and your families and amazing finish to 2020, and to a happy and healthy New Year.